Scalable, Refined Digital Acceleration Solutions.

Here is a little information about what we do here at The Solveware Co.


We are The Solveware Co.

We specialise in web development, mobile development, FinTech solutions - but perhaps most notably - a modern ecosystem that dives deep into the works of AI, Automation, Blockchain, Cloud and Data Analytics.

We fundamentally believe that all business problems under the sun stem from 2 key main issues - a lack of communication or operational procedures that enable efficient business operations, or that there is no scalability from a technological perspective. As such, we aim to plug the gaps wherever required to ensure our clients’ successes.

Here's how we do it...

Tech Consultancy

We provide our clients with advice for managing their software systems and architectures, building custom solutions and driving innovation. The primary aim is to elevate the efficiency of businesses we work with by optimizing analytics, processes and workflows.

Defining Future-proof Opportunities

Beyond traditional software solutions, we delve deeper in digital transformation journeys by building data science solutions such as analytical reports, dashboards, and Business Intelligence tools that help our clients implement data-driven decision-making.

Visionary Approach

The utility of ABCDs (AI, Blockchain, Cloud and Data) are the gold standard for all 21st century businesses, and that's where we journey together with all our business partners and clients.

Most importantly, a team of close-knit innovative, creative young minds.

Apart from specialising in their own fields, our team collaborates and bring perspectives from multiple disciplines.