Selected Projects

We're helping many types of organizations, from startups, to small medium businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises. Here are a few of our projects.
BRDGE Admin Dashboard — Streamlining Fintech Systems
Software Development, Technology Consultancy, UI/UX, Fintech Consultancy
The BRDGE Admin Dashboard takes a human-centric approach to streamline the behind-the-scenes system of a crowdfunding web-app for businesses. In this dashboard, we extend easy-to-use data-driven analytics to employees of BRDGE in their day to day dashboard.
BRDGE Store — Extending and Exploring a Community Driven Fintech Platform
Product Innovation, Software Development, UI/UX
How do we bring excitement into the common and dry notion of investing? The BRDGE Store extends the possibilities between investors and borrowers, by providing them a platform for goods exchange.
Mortgage Web-App — Property Consultant Management System
Product Innovation, Software Development, Technology Consultancy, UI/UX
In Mortgage Web-App, we explore how a CRM could benefit a property consultant in refinancing or getting loans. From leads management to scheduling tasks, this dashboard web-app ensures that consultants are constantly in check of their teams progress.
Strongrr — Web-App Development
Software Development, UI/UX
Stronggrr empowers the fitness community to do more. Post your progress photos, create a routine and follow all your favourite fitness influencers in one app. Whether you’re all about cardio, weight lifting or even calisthenics. You’ll find a community that’ll motivate you to levels you’ve never been before.
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