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Our team consists of innovators and thinkers, capable of developing and designing scalable solutions.

Meet The Team!
The Solveware Co was co-founded by Gilbert and Glenn. Today, they spearhead the development and operations of our projects.
Gilbert Chia

Co-founder | CEO

Beyond publishing a few Fintech research papers — on volatility of crypto-currency stablecoins, central bank digital currencies’ relevancy and repairing the current analytics models within financial services, Gilbert was also a Fintech lecturer to Masters and PhD. students at the National University of Singapore.

He was also a research consultant to Techcombank, SM Retail, ANZ Bank and EGN Singapore on a variety of niche fintech topics.
Glenn Lim

Co-founder | COO

Product Development & Design.
The Solveware Co. leverages on technical expertise to bring fundamental solutions operating for our clients as fast as possible.
Esmond Toon

Lead Project Manager

Kelvin Ong

Project Manager

Wong Wan Chew

Project Manager

Johnathan Wong

Lead Developer

Franklin Caruana

Full Stack Developer

Phung Du

Full Stack Developer

Nicolle Lim


Xuan Ming


Pei Zhen


Yuan Jie


Kay Chi


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